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Marian Pyrcak has a long apprenticeship - Creates a crystal glass since 1970 .

The company has existed since 1976 , it launched the label of glasses and crystals.

All types of glass and crystals are produced entirely by hand . Each design created by artists, craftsmen is unique and unrepeatable .

At the request of customers the company makes a variety of models in different sizes and colors according to individual ideas.

We encourage everyone to use our services and cooperation.




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Art glass vases

The variety of colors and forms , they make art glass vases are the perfect complement to any modern interior while meeting its utilitarian function perfectly See more...

Wine glasses of crystal glass

We offer a beautiful crystal glasses . We recommend crystal glasses for red and white wine , cognac , champagne , spirits, liqueurs .See more...

Vodka glasses of crystal glass

Glasses of vodka crystal glass beautifully sparkle and reflect light beautifully . After hitting they seem to sound like bells - these qualities have only crystal glass . See more...